Wednesday, April 6, 2011

‘Harry Potter’ series goes e-Book?

Watch out, Oprah. JK Rowling is re-thinking e-Books, an idea she once rejected for her Harry Potter series. The opportunity could skyrocket her billion dollar net worth, making her the second wealthiest woman in entertainment.
"The e-book format is now something that is being actively considered," Rowling’s agent Neil Blair confirmed, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
In the past she’s been skeptical, yet times are changing. Devices such as Kindle and iPad are becoming more popular in usage, leaving her the potential to make $100 million more from the e-books.
“I wouldn't be too surprised if the rights for the e-books are sold for $100 million,” BookBrunch editor Liz Thomson stated. “Experts believe the move could revolutionize the world of electronic publishing, triggering rocketing sales of e-book readers such as the Kindle and the iPad.”
Harry Potter has sold roughly 450 million copies. Stirling University director of international publishing and communications Claire Squires told The Christian Science Monitor, “It is akin to the Beatles allowing their music to be launched on iTunes.” reports Rowling made 18 times as many electronic sales within the last year as she did in 2009.

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