Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enrique Iglesias Pulls Out Of Britney Spears Tour

Sorry if this ruins anyone else’s day as it did mine…Enrique responded to Britney’s <i>Good Morning America</i> statement, confirming they will not be touring together this summer. The <i>I Like It</i> singer, who is currently on tour in Europe, was supposed to co-headline with Spears rather than just open the show.

Sources tell MTV that Spears lowered the Iglesias’ guaranteed pay.

"Unfortunately, Enrique Iglesias and Britney Spears will not be touring together. Despite initial reports based on formal discussions of the possible run, Enrique will continue on his solo tour in support of his new album Euphoria," his spokesperson stated. "Enrique has great respect for Britney and is a longtime fan of her work. He is very sorry for the confusion this might have caused to anyone."

In other Iglesias news, ShowBizSpy reports the singer continues to date tennis player Anna Kournikova, but they have no serious plans as of yet.

Britney’s statement was a tease, and very unfair. I am a huge fan of both singers, and think it would be amazing if they were to actually go on tour together. While MTV also spoke of possible negotiations, it doesn’t seem promising after what his spokesperson says. However, Britney is talented, and a phenomenal performer, so she doesn’t need a co-headliner or someone to share the spotlight with. With or without Iglesias, I’m still going to jump on the bandwagon for these tickets.

Oh, and not to mention, I’m still bitter that him and Anna Kournikova are still going strong. He is so good looking, and, yes, I’m going there, but who wouldn’t want to be that girl he sings about in his songs? ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's Influence Lives On In Pop Culture

A tragic day in Hollywood today-legend and AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at age 79, leaving her mark on some of the biggest names in the industry.

Women continue to model themselves after Taylor today, MTV reports. Between hair, makeup, and big, gaudy jewelry, she was a woman who housewives strived to be.

Taylor, the first celebrity AIDS activist, was also well known for her marriages and love-life. Tabloids were eating her up, and, according to Access Hollywood, she was married eight times to seven different men.

“I am not putting the failure of my marriages off on anyone but myself,” she once told them.

She became involved with AIDS awareness in 1985, after losing dear friend Rock Hudson. Raising money and standing up for what she feels strongly about influenced Elton John, Lady Gaga, and Madonna to do the same.

Elizabeth Taylor will forever be a Hollywood legend.

I heard she was sick for awhile, but with strong chances and hope of getting better. I was shocked this morning to hear the news. However, she lived her life to the fullest, and got so much out of it, which is all one can hope for in a time like this. I admire her talent and philanthropic contributions and feel more celebrities should follow in her footsteps. It’s a shame when people are so wealthy but won’t donate for anything, or when they’re too involved with themselves to make a difference. Stars gain a great deal of respect when they take part in charitable functions, and it would be great for more to get involved.

I also hope the fashion trends of Taylor continue to carry on into upcoming generations. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen May Find New Home on Mark Cuban's HDNet: Report

Billionaire Mark Cuban knows exactly how to bring the money in...rumor has it he may have work for Charlie Sheen, developing programming for HDNet. They have been in serious talks lately about the proposition.
This would be a step up from Sheen’s Korner, his new webcast series, which was severely ridiculed by viewers. Cuban, also owner of Dallas Mavericks, feels it could be great material for his network.
ABC reports after 45 minutes, online ratings dropped from 116,000 to 92,000. He revealed his tattoo and concluded with a poem.
"Everybody wants to critique a web show that got put together in a few hours," Cuban said, according to the Daily News ."That's not the point. It gave him a chance to be himself and have some fun. The thing I like most about Charlie is that he just loves to mess with the media. You guys fall hook, line and sinker."
Sheen is still out for revenge for CBS after being fired from sitcom Two and a Half Men. His interviews have everyone talking, and everyday seems to be something different.
Cuban mentioned either a talk show or reality show, according to ESPN. However, there have not been any confirmations yet.
"We're trying to decide," Cuban explained about production. "Right now, we're taping a lot of different things that he's doing and we'll try to figure it out. It's still not 100 percent certain."
He added, "We'll do something together, but it's not certain it will be a show. It'll come down to what he wants to do and what his situation is. We'll just figure it out from there, but it's a unique opportunity, I'll say that."
HDNet hosts MMA fights, a Girls Gone Wild series, and a show with Dan Rather. It could be the perfect home for Charlie Sheen and his party hard, not caring what anyone thinks attitude.

My honest opinion is as much as everyone complains about him, people like Mark Cuban need to stop adding fuel to his fire. Perhaps a new show with a different network and partners will be a nice fresh start for him...or maybe not. He'll probably make some reformed playboy mansion with the Girls Gone Wild stars if you ask me

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christina Aguilera`s `Drinking out of Control`

Christina and Charlie Sheen have been stealing all the Hollywood attention may seem to some like she's following his lead. Still reamed for messing up lines in the national anthem, Christina Aguilera was once again publicly humiliated. She and beau Matthew Rutler were arrested for alcohol-related conflicts, Tueday.
Rutler was pulled over for suspicion of public intoxication, while the pop star was drunk in public.
“When she got out of the car, she couldn't stand, chief public information officer Whitmore stated in the Daily India. “ We had to help her stand. She didn't know where she was and she didn't know her own address. We took her into custody for her own protection.”
Police aren’t the only ones concerned for Christina’s welfare. Sources close to her say alcohol is quite the issue. They have been insisting for weeks that she get help, according to Monsters and Critics.
"Her drinking is out of control. She's a total mess," one stated.
Aguilera was released at 7:30am with a bail of $250. Rutler was held with a $300,000 bail, according to a Boston Herald article.
Christina goes through a lot of different phases, from good girl, to rebel, back to good girl, and now this. There have been several instances now where she's been in some kind of drunk mess, so maybe rehab isn't a bad idea.